Shri Lalit Bhasin

    Lalit Bhasin - Born on 19th January, 1939. Started Law Practice in September, 1962. He was the Chairman, Bar Council of Delhi from 1973 to 1977. At present he is the General Secretary, Bar Association of India and President, Society of Indian Law Firm (SILF). The various awards/honours received by him include Indira Gandhi National Unity Award, 1990 Award for Excellence in Professionalism-1991, Institute of Marketing Management 1991 Intellectuals Award - "The Great Son of the Soil" Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, 1992 Award for Distiction by International Bar Association, October 1994 at Melboune Awarded Honorary Membership of International Bar Association (only second Asian to get this honour) in 1999 National Award for Excellence -2001 by All India Lawyers Forum for Civil Liberties Award of Honour from the Prime Minister of India for Services to the Legal Profession and Commitment to the Rule of Law - December 2001. He is the author of Congress Centenary Celebrations Lawyers in the Freedom Struggle of India, Issues before the Afro Asian World, World beyond Nuclear Weapons.



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